Kourion Archeological site, Limassol, Cyprus / September 2017

Kourion archaeological site is located on the west coast of Limassol in the small town of Episkopi.

Kourion was an ancient city to the southwest shores of Cyprus and it is one of the most famous ancient attractions here in Cyprus and it is situated 18km west of Limassol. Kourion is renowned for its importance, as historical sources suggest it was a major ancient city Kingdom of Cyprus.Herodotos and Stravonas both mention that it was a colony of the Argion, one of the most rich and powerful kingdoms of Cyprus. It is mentioned in the “prism of Asarhadon” 673-672B.C along with other kingdoms in Cyprus (Idalion, Kition , Salamina , Hitri, Tamasso,Lidra and Soloi). According to mythology, the well-known owner of Kourion was Curieus the son of Kiniras. The residents called him Curieus and Curias.

The town of Kourion is well known for its mosaics which decorate the floors in magnificent mansions and yards. One of the most well-known mansions is the house of Achilles, with a variety of mosaics on the floors. It is dated to the 4th century A.D and it took its name from the Greek hero of mythology.



The ancient Kourion Theatre

The ancient Kourion theatre is located at the most southern part of town. It was built during the end of the 2nd century B.C but it has been altered to its dimensions which are found today, during the 2nd century A.D. It has a capacity of 3.500 spectators and a majestic view towards the Mediterranean. The theatre was closed towards the north, however only ruins are found today. To the left and right of the stage there are two arched pathways from which the viewers would enter.


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Kato Pafos Archeological Site, Cyprus / September 2017

Cyprus around 20th September ? Yes, Pafos was our destination. Minimum 28 degrees, hot air, warm sea and lovely apartment. This is what we wanted after the wedding 🙂

However, how many days you can spend just lying on the beach ? We went sightseeing Pafos:

Kato Pafos Archeological Site is the most accessible, exciting and inspiring archeological site on the island. The ruins were first unearthed in 1962 ! Now a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the remains discovered here span more than 2,000 years !

Top 10 sights:

House of Aion; Villa of Theseus; House of Orpheus; House of Dionysus; Roman Odeon; Asklipion; Roman Walls; Agora; Salanda Kolones; Hellenistic Theatre

Admission: €4.50

Worth to visit ?: Yes, definitely 🙂



Lavish mosaics

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