About me


My name is Paulina and I am a nature photographer. Photography is my passion since 2006.

I am a keen photographer and traveller in my leisure time. Portfolio reveals my best images since 2006 when the adventure of photography was born. This portfolio is a quite new undertaking (September 2015), as an early photos from 2006 are showed in Deviant art (http://paulaart18.deviantart.com/) and Flickr gallery which was established in 2011. I am trying to update portfolio with all of my photos, however it may take some time as old images are stored in various places. Nevertheless, current portfolio is being slowly updated about years 2013-15. I am planning  also to give snapshots of my early photos.

Moreover, I am running Marketing blog where I share my views and ideas about modern marketing, and a Film blog which indicates blockbusters and black horses worth to watch on every occasion.

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19 thoughts on “About me

    • Paulaart18 says:

      I set the exposure, my boyfriend clicked, and only that was nice out of 8 clicks he has done 😛
      Anyway, I am happy u like it. I bought graduated filter recently and it gives the climate to my photos.


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