Ancient Amathus, Limassol, Cyprus / September 2017

Ancient Amathus (or Amathous) is an archeological site on the outskirts of Limassol. It was an ancient city and one of the ancient royal cities of Cyprus until about 300BC. Over time it played host to Greeks, Phoenicians, the Persians and the Romans.

Amathus is strongly connected with the cult of Aphrodite as well as having links to the legend of Ariadne.

Although is promoted widely in the area and it is number one attraction in all Eyewitness travel guide books it is waste of time. There are just piles of rocks and columns with no information at all. No visuals, no facts. Admission is €2.50 and I think they charge too much for this site. I do not recommend it at all !

They promote the place with great words:

Today, the ruins of Amathus include several ancient sites, including several tombs, an acropolis with a first century AD Roman Temple to Aphrodite, an agora, some public baths and the remains of the 8th century BC Palace of Amathus. 

However, as you could see on the pictures below, there is nothing interesting for a average tourist. I am not sure if historians would find it interesting either.



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