Nicosia, Cyprus / September 2017

Modern Nicosia is a cheerfully rambling sprawl that surrounds a much more picturesque inner core ringed by impressive fortifications. However, unlike many historic town centres, this carefully preserved medieval gem is still very much a living town, its streets bustling with shops, bars, restaurants and local colour. The southern part of the city is divided from the Turkish-occupied North along a line between the Pafos Gate and the Flatro Bastion.

When we crossed the border which is just a few stalls with passport control, we came into bustling streets of Turkish site, with masses of tourists buying, talking, laughing and eating in the restaurants nearby. I wanted to eat in a quieter area and found the nicest restaurant called Biblioteque, on earth. It had lovely umbrellas roof and gorgeous food 🙂


Divided city


Nicest restaurant roof on Earth xd







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