Norway 2016 / Oslo Museums

My shortbreak in Norway was lovely 🙂 Perfect Valentines gift from my fiance.

We went through the city centre and headed Bygdoy peninsula where most museums are located.

All museums and transport is free with OsloPass so we recommend to buy it ASAP 😛

1) Norwegian Maritime Museum

As we all know Norwegians are the leading nation in sea explorations. Exhibitions present history of sailors from Vikings era to present time. Lots of models and sea equipment. I enjoyed a simulator 😛

2) Polarship Museum – the best museum in Norway

I have never been to better museum so far…

Exciting discovery of North and South poles, two polar ships standing there and waiting for your exploration. Besides small attraction which is ‘you can go inside’ there is lovely presentation of Fram in colorful lights and Northern Lights 😉 I was impressed with animals, history of exploration and norwegian explorers. Just love it. I am inspired also to read a book of Amudsen about his explorations…

3) Kon-tiki Museum

Museum is devoted to Thor Heyerdahl who crossed the Pacific Ocean with the balsa raft Kon-tiki in 1947. Replica contains all equipment they had and it is real size. I just wonder how 5 men could live together and do not kill each other for six months or so 😛 Anyway, worth to go with OsloPass. It is more about sunny and hot areas 🙂 I also recommend the movie Kon-tiki (2012) directed by Joachim Roenning and Espen Sandbe.

4) Viking Ship Museum

The World-famous Viking ships exhibition. Some were used for voyages and some are simply unique burial artefacts. Although we were totally exhausted after distance walked and displays watched we needed to see Norwegian icons 🙂

Due to little time until 4pm (just want to remind that all museums are open until 4pm !) we managed to visit Holocaust Center, which is more educational, sad and less enjoyable place. Free with OsloPass. Enough for day 1 🙂

Day 2 started with:

5) Holmenkollen – Ski Museum and Ski Jumping Tower

It takes around 1hour to get there. Lots of snow, nice Oslo outskirts and gret views 🙂 From the top of the tower you can experience a 360 degree panoramic view of the city. It is the world’s oldest ski museum ! and founded in 1923. Moreover, you can experience 4000 years of exciting ski history.


  • OsloPass for 24h cost us 335NOK. We could go to 5 museums and used public transport.
  • OsloPass is valid only 24hours and museums are closed at 4pm, I recommend to visit your most expensive museums first, as we did.
  • There is a 15% discount for fjord sightseeing, that we got also.
  • Public transport in Oslo is very expensive as it is an alcohol. We bought proper bottle of alcohol on Stansted Airport.
  • Prices for beers start from 30-40NOK = 2,52-3,36GBP

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