13 thoughts on “Eye spy / DP PHOTO CHALLENGE

  1. Crimson April says:

    That’s lovely to know 🙂 Thank you so much dear. I am from India and hopped on your blog, as soon as you liked my post regarding Bathtub Designs at crimsonapril.com
    And boy! I am so glad to land here 🙂


  2. Atiyab says:

    Paulina how lovely photographs, the passion in the pics is brilliant and how magnificent horses are. I love em. Anyway You have earned yourself a follower and believe me you deserve it. Cheers
    and Have a great new year ahead

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  3. elmdriveimages says:

    PaulaArt18: Very good compositions – really sharp … for your information, my mother’s first name was Pauline. (Pauline Avon (Quigley) De Ment. Have a good day … Dan

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    • Paulaart18 says:

      Paulina appears in many European Languages with some changes, for instance Pauline in Uk etc. or Pavla in Czech Republic. But origins are in Italy, where Paulo was male name and Paula became female name. It is very popular name in my country ! I had 4 Paulinas in my class when I was in primary school 😛


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